Resin Bound Surfacing System provides a smooth, hard wearing and low maintenance porous surface using a range of natural and recycled aggregates. The finished surface is a seamless bound paving system which is flexible and resistant to cracking. Resin Bound Surfacing is porous, allowing water to permeate/percolate through the surface and beyond when a suitable base build-up configured for SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) has been installed.



Significant benefits of Resin Bound Systems are:

  • A porous surface, meeting the requirements of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs).

  • Offers great design flexibility and an almost unlimited colour range using natural and recycled aggregates

  • Low maintenance, easy to clean.

  • No joints that require weeding.

  • Durable and anti-slip


Natural stone is bound together by polyurethane resin, this process is starts with the stone being placed into a forced action mixer to start blending together. The resin is mixed separately with a slow speed mixing paddle and then added to the stone in the forced action mixer. This is then left to thoroughly mix and then transferred into wheelbarrows, it is then transported to the laying area, poured onto the base and then trowel applied to a smooth finish. The smooth trowelled finish is then scattered with a fine glass bead to enhance anti slip. The surface can normally receive light foot traffic after approximately 4-6 hours, however we recommend that traffic is kept off the surface overnight and vehicular traffic only after 24 hours. Typical installation depths vary from 12mm to 24mm depending on the size of the aggregate used and the thickness at which it is laid is dependent on usage and types of trafficking. The exact composition, ratio of various size aggregates, resin percentage and thickness etc. have been carefully devised and tested to ensure there stability and long term performance. The sub base build up will be different for each project, but as with all construction, strength comes from an appropriate sub base, please call for detailed sub base requirements for your project.


  • Aggregates are natural products or recycled.

  • Aggregates sourced predominantly in the UK.

  • Resins are derived from a renewable plant resource.

  • Compliant with Environment Agency SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System).

  • Resin Bound Systems are cold applied so low energy requirements.